Vin Naturel de la France

Wine firmly rooted in nature.

Smooth, delicious wine
gently flowing straight to your core.



VIN NATUREL adds nothing to, and takes nothing away from wine’s natural ingredients.
With the transcendental power of grapes, the dedicated effort of yeast and the bountiful blessings of earth, we create wine in its most natural form


Our wine is made from pure, hearty soil.

By eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, soil is returned to its original natural condition and grapes are able to sink their roots deep in the ground toabsorb the nutrients contained within.With farming methods harnessing the natural energy found in soil inherited from long ago, we are able to produce natural wine with a clear, deep flavor.

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While Vin Naturel employs simple and pure methods, it is still an extremely labor-intensive process.
With mostly small-scale producers generating a limited amount of product, this wine is both an extremely rare and highly valued commodity in Singapore.